Learn to drive with Open Road Driving School

Martin is a fully qualified and successful driving instructor with over 16 years experience covering the full driving experience, from complete beginners to drivers who need refresher lessons. Above all, Martin makes learning to drive an enjoyable experience.

Martin from Open Road Driving School

He specialises in very nervous pupils, quickly putting them at ease and helping them over their anxieties and to fulfil their dreams and potential of driving and independence.

His instructional car is currently a manual 1.0 Ford Fiesta petrol 16 plate.

Martin holds licences for most categories of road vehicles from Motorbikes (A) up to and including Articulated Trucks (C+E), so there is no shortage of experience and knowledge to pass on to pupils.

You can be rest assured that, when you undertake your driving lessons with Martin, he will be passing on years of different and unusual driving experiences, not just the normal experiences, qualifications and knowledge.

His Military background ensures that when you book with Martin you can be sure of a reliable professional service - promptness, reliability, thoroughness.

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Martin and pupils at the Open Road Driving School